Siesta Key Nightlife

Siesta Beach wasn’t named TripAdvisor’s 2015 “Best Beach in the U.S.” for nothing, and the millions of people who voted for this beautiful location all have the same love for this part of Florida. For guests of the Tropical Breeze Resort, it takes just a short walk from their Siesta Key hotel room to see why this area is so famous. Spending even just one hour in the area makes it easy to see that it offers a dreamy vacation that is like no other.

siesta key nightlife

The admiration for this particular locale is not just due to beaches that seem to have materialized from a dream, but is also because of the many other things to do within the area including great restaurants, a fun nightlife scene and several popular bars. After laying on a perfect beach and watching the stunning sunset over the water, be sure to check out the many options for entertainment and nightlife in Siesta Key!

During the daytime, tours are available for either fishing or watching for whales and dolphins. Travelers can try something new, and learn to parasail or stand-up paddleboard. The quest for the perfect vacation is often completed when visiting the luxurious Siesta Key region, and this perfection can be further accentuated by checking into one of the area’s fabulous day spas and being pampered and treated like royalty.

The Siesta Key nightlife near the Tropical Breeze Resort is also just as varied, fun, and wildly popular. With everything from exotic drum circles to laidback beachside restaurants, there is sure to be something for every guest to find exactly what resonates with any definition of “the dream vacation.”

Siesta Village

Just a short distance from Siesta Key hotel rooms is a popular and charming shopping and leisure center of the area, known affectionately as The Village. This delightful section of Siesta Key is filled with quirky shops, inviting restaurants, classic ice cream parlors, and beachy bars. No matter what the endeavor, and no matter the time of day (or night!), The Village is sure to have something for everyone.

Siesta Key, including its food and restaurants, bars and pubs, and souvenir gift shops, all has a certain feel to it that reminds visitors of an “old-world,” beach hideaway sort of style. This is evident in everything that this famous location has to offer, and it’s no wonder why so many guests of the Tropical Breeze Resort keep coming back for more.

Local Restaurants

Siesta Village has many inviting restaurants and little eateries, and several of these are absolute favorites for guests of the Tropical Breeze Resort. While some of these spots keep up with the tropical theme that is seen on much of the island, there is a special “old-fashioned” quality to some of these eateries as well.


A great example of this sweet, old-timey style can be seen at Big Olaf’s Creamery. This busy ice cream shop in the Village supplies locals and Siesta Key visitors alike with delicious, homemade ice cream. The shop is open until 11pm on weekends, sure to be a hit during hot summer nights. Some might even say that one of the best things to do in Siesta Village is to grab a waffle cone at Big Olaf’s, and then go for a stroll along the beach to really enjoy the warmth of the Florida evening air.

Bars, Pubs, and Clubs

The tropical theme of the island’s Village is carried over by the many available bars. One such establishment, The Beach Club, is a trendy spot that features live bands, outdoor seating, and tropical cocktails. Fans of any music genre are likely to be satisfied by the selections heard at The Beach Club, and sports fans can watch the latest game on one of the many televisions that are within the building.

The Daiquiri Deck is a very popular place for both locals and visitors alike and among every age group. With its long hours, fun parties, and special daiquiri recipes, it’s easy to see why “The Deck” is such a big part of Siesta Key nightlife. Among the many other reasons, it is also the host of plenty of special events, such as volleyball tournaments, bikini contests, and Spring Break parties. The entertainment available through the Daiquiri Deck is often seen spilling out onto the beach and into the streets near many of Tropical Breezes’s hotel rooms!

Unique Siesta Key Nightlife Events

For those guests of the Tropical Breeze Resort who aren’t necessarily into the “standard” nightlife routine of dinner, drinks, and dancing, there is still bound to be plenty of entertainment to enjoy within the Siesta Village and Siesta Beach area. For example, visitors who would like to find a way to feel more connected to this beautiful community have the opportunity to do so in a very unique way with the Siesta Key Drum Circle.

This popular event meets about an hour before sunset every Sunday evening. The location of the Siesta Key Drum Circle is within a close proximity to many Siesta Key hotel rooms, and it’s easy enough to use the sound of the drums as a directional guide. This wild and fun activity is open to anyone and everyone, and can be a major change from the usual definition of going out for date night or for a sunset walk on one of the top rated beaches.

In 2011, Siesta Beach was named “The Best Beach in America” by coastal expert Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman. With so many different avenues of entertainment and nightlife, unique things to do in nearby Siesta Village, and the famously clean and nearly pure quartz crystal beaches, it was no surprise to either the locals or to guests of the area when “Dr. Beach” put this location at the top of his list.

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