Drum Circle on Siesta Key

Check out the drum circle when staying at Tropical Breeze Resort!

Every Sunday about 1 hour before sunset you can find the Siesta Key Drum Circle on Siesta Beach, a free weekly music and dance event for all ages. The drum circle is located just south of the main pavilion between lifeguard stands 3 and 4, but you’ll only need to follow the sounds to locate it.

This is a free event and one of the highest rated Siesta Key things to do. It often draws hundreds of people, and you can easily visit it when you stay at Tropical Breeze Resort. The atmosphere is lively and energetic — perfect for a family vacation — and it is well worth the trip if you happen to be in Siesta Key on any weekend.

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A tradition that began in 1996

The drum circle on Siesta Key is a fun local tradition that dates back to 1996. Starting off as a potlatch ceremony during the autumn equinox of 1996. It became a drum circle every full moon, and people eventually enjoyed it so much that it started to be held as a weekly event. Groups such as the Ringling School of the Arts, local churches and members of the Native Descended Nation continued to support the drum circle and contributed to the spiritual aspect of the event.

The drum circle used to be located around Beach Access Point 8 and eventually moved to its current location on Siesta Beach. The number of people regularly attending grew little by little over the years, and now when you visit the drum circle you will find it several people there on pretty much any weekend of the year.

Bring your own drums, hula hoop, dance or just watch and enjoy

If you plan on bringing your own hand drum you’ll be immediately accepted in the drum circle no matter what your experience level is. You will find all skill levels playing in the circle, and some days the rhythm is quite organized and other days it can be more random. The randomness adds to the character of the drum circle and makes every Sunday event unique.

You’ll find people dancing, drumming and hula hooping, and of course you are welcome to join the fun or simply sit back and enjoy the music. The drum circle is a true fixture every Sunday on Siesta Beach, and the show goes on even in rainy weather. The fun continues for a few hours after sunset, and you can choose to stay as long as you want or head over to some of the nearby bars, restaurants and nightlife destinations that offer more things to do.

drum circle siesta key

You’ll find a diverse crowd on any given day

The crowd there is very diverse with people of all backgrounds and all ages. You’ll find students, local regulars, travelers, street performers, dancers, people on family vacations and whole generations of families that grew up attending the drum circle. It draws people from all over the world, and many locals will tell you that it is a must see event if you are in Siesta Key. With a unique crowd every Sunday, you will see a lot of individuality and personality with everyone united around the common goal of making music.

You can find the event going on at 948 Beach Road just about one hour before sunset every Sunday. Tropical Breeze Resort is just a short drive, taxi or bus ride away, so be sure to check out the drum circle when you are staying here!

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Embrace your tribal side and see firsthand what draws so many people to the Siesta Key drum circle time and time again! To ask any questions that you may have about the drum circle or to book accommodations for your next trip or family vacation to Siesta Key, contact Tropical Breeze Resort today at (941)-349-1125.

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