Siesta Key Restaurants

Good food is always memorable, and in Siesta Key you can expect top rated restaurants all throughout the island. There are many things to do and places to see here, including wonderful and culturally rich Siesta Key restaurants found all throughout the island. Siesta Key is filled with numerous beachfront cafes serving delicious breakfast and brunch options, popular bars with mouthwatering pub grub, and highly rated fine dining options. Don’t miss out on the beachfront views while dining on some incredibly appetizing meals. If you’re wondering where to eat while you’re in Siesta Key, read more to find some of the top dining options that are resort worthy!

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The Cottage Restaurant

If you’re an expert “foodie”, this Southern-influenced restaurant located near Tropical Breeze Resort has artfully beautiful dishes that are even more delicious than they are eye-catching. This particular Siesta Key restaurant has more of an upscale fine dining experience, along with outdoor seating that provides a lovely atmosphere. The variety of foods includes vegetarian dishes with other varieties such as lamb or trout. This would be the perfect location for a night out for romantic visitors at the Tropical Breeze Resort!

Another Broken Egg Cafe

For a taste of Creole and Cajun style dishes that boast colorful flair, this highly popular café provides a great breakfast menu and is conveniently located near Tropical Breeze Resort. The food is known to be rich and tasty with more than friendly servers, but arrive early because its popularity tends to make it one of the busiest dining locations! With traditional and healthy options available, visiting this café for breakfast is quite the way to start the day. Omelets, skillets, homemade biscuits, and sandwiches are just some of the delicacies to be found on their menu.

Siesta Key Restaurants

Lobster Pot Restaurant

This Siesta Key restaurant has a New England style with a traditional Old Cape Cod feel and is also right by Tropical Breeze Resort. It is the winner of the Taste of Sarasota award, and for good reason! Fresh high quality seafood comes in daily from the Floridian oceans. Live lobsters come from Boothbay Maine and Bar Harbor, all of which make the tastiest and freshest meals. Skipping out on Lobster Pot will make your trip incomplete!

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

Affectionately known by locals as SKOB, this Siesta Key restaurant has the island spirit that the fun-loving can appreciate. SKOB is popular in the neighborhood for having some of the best food around town, and is a great hangout location with a very relaxed vibe. Although they have what may be considered typical bar food, the quality of the food and taste is built to perfection; their crab cakes are to die for, along with their award-winning wings. If you want to enjoy live music and a fun social atmosphere, swing by here!

Mattison’s Forty-One

If you’re looking for where to eat a great Mediterranean-style meal, check out Mattison’s Forty-One. Located a short drive away on the west coast of Sarasota, Mattison’s Forty-One offers elegant dining, grilled entrees, and fine house-made deserts. This location has Mediterranean style meals, but keeps the atmosphere family friendly and fun. The most unique menu options are the tapas, brick oven style pizzas, and sparkling wines. All foods are made with high-quality fresh ingredients and with the option for a gluten-free meal for lunch or dinner. This restaurant not only caters to your needs, but also your taste buds, especially if you’re craving something from the Mediterranean.

Toasted Mango Café

For another brunch alternative, try some of the delicious and affordable accommodations this café has to offer. This quaint and tiny café has a menu that is not only extensive but also contains many tasty options; from wraps, to unique salads, biscuits, or pancakes, there are a variety of combinations and items to try. It is hard not to keep returning back to this café after the first try.

Turtles Restaurant on Little Sarasota Bay

This beautiful waterfront dining location has food that is both affordable and yummy and is located toward the south of the island near Turtle Beach. Turtles Restaurant has been around since 1986, toting one of the best views in the city. The menu has a wonderful variety, from prime ribs, popular fish filets, and filet mignon. This place is great for large family gatherings or groups of friends out for a day of fun, where seating can be found both indoors and outdoors.

Daiquiri Deck Restaurant Siesta Key

Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar

If you’re wondering where to eat delicious fresh seafood or raw oysters, the Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar provides fulfilling meals that are not only fun to eat but filled with mouthwatering ingredients. There are sea-foods and land-foods alike, with a large variety of family platters on the menu. Enjoy tasty oysters while in their vivid upstairs location. Live music keeps the visitors dancing, as well as the many colorful daiquiris and other drinks that are available. Come here to kick it and relax in the company of friends and loved ones.

The Grasshopper

For a zesty and colorful meal, try this Mexican dining option located right across little Sarasota Bay! All the dishes are made with fresh ingredients, with a wide variety of meals to pick from. The drinks are also worth the short trip, including a long list of many tequilas and margaritas to taste. They provide great affordability, and every day there is a different special or discount. If you ever visit, don’t forget to at least some of their mouth watering spicy sauces!

Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar

This oyster bar right on Old Stickney Point Road gives you an “Old Florida” feel, with a classic family restaurant and great service. All things clam and crab can be found here, all fresh off the boat. Other menu items include wings and sandwiches. Their clam chowder is famous, and also the international Winner of the Great Chowder Cook-off! If you are feeling really old timey, or just want great customer service, be sure to head straight here.

Ceviche & Craft Beer Shack

Located in Siesta Village next to the Chamber of Commerce at 5110 Ocean Boulevard, Cevichela is an exciting new Latin restaurant where you’ll be able to experience a wide selection of delectable fusion street food dishes prepared by skilled chefs. Menu options include ceviche (marinated fresh raw seafood with vegetables), Peruvian-Hawaiian poke (raw or cooked seafood salad), customized tacos, stir fry, and traditional American dishes prepared in innovative ways. Cevichela only uses the freshest locally sourced ingredients for their dishes such as salmon and other locally caught fish, tuna, octopus, and shrimp, as well as a range of chicken and beef dishes. A choice of delectable sides will round out your meal along with refreshing locally produced craft beer.

These Siesta Key restaurants and other nearby restaurants in Sarasota provide vacationers with tempting meals with pleasant atmospheres, with many of them being located right by Tropical Breeze Resort! Don’t be shy to try new dishes and unique items on the menus. Explore and enjoy the beauty of Siesta Key, its delicious fresh seafood, and its culture by dining out at the many great restaurants in the area!

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