How To Get That Cozy Fall Feeling on Your Siesta Key Beach Vacation

Summertime in Florida is great, but it can get oh-so-hot. The winter offers a nice escape and the spring blooms with energy.

But we can’t get enough of Siesta Key in the heart of the fall season. It’s breezy, quiet, and filled with a special kind of frisky and fun energy that doesn’t exist in the lethargic summer or the crisp winter. 

How do you best capture that cozy feeling in our Siesta Key beach resort?

Why Visit in the Fall?

The fall season is the perfect balance between crowds and weather. While the summer blossoms with excitement, the prolonged heat can be a drawback. The fall season is a wonderful time to visit when you are planning a vacation escape.


While the weather may be cooler, it is rarely cold. You can expect solid and consistent temperatures around the 70’s, with modest dips to the 60’s at night. The afternoons are further cooled by the pleasant gulf breezes. Unlike during the summer, where the breezes are like warm air in the face, the coolness of the gulf waters carries relaxing and cool winds across the key.

Uncrowded Beaches

The beaches during the summer boom with energy. Crowds cover the most popular beach havens. While this is great if you are seeking some social excitement, it can be a bit much for some. The beaches during the fall are uncrowded and sparse. It’s possible to find a few completely empty beach escapes, especially in the early morning. Furthermore, parking is far easier.

Shorter Lines for Restaurants

At some of the top restaurants during the summer, you can expect waits upwards of two hours. Some of the most iconic eateries, like The Cottage and the Siesta Key Oyster Bar, are packed to the brim at all hours of the day.

But during the fall, things take a much more deliberate and calm pace. It is considered Siesta Key’s slow season. The kids are in school. Parents are reeling form the busy summer season and getting back on track. It is the perfect time to hit many of Siesta Key’s dining highlights.

On another note, the restaurants often offer special discounts and seasonal items to attract visitors and promote fall business.

Less Traffic

If you ever visited Siesta Key during any other season, you may notice that the traffic leaves a little to be desired. The roads aren’t perfectly designed for the flow of visitors. But during the fall, the roads are sparsely populated. Traffic is minimal. If you travel during the early morning or evening, you may only see a few cars on the road. You could even bring the windows down and enjoy the breeze!

How To Enjoy the Fall Season at the Beach

Make the beach your own. Come up with a long list of outdoor activities and play them all out on the Siesta Key beaches without intrusion.

The beach is the ideal place to play- and the perfect backdrop. Grab your favorite beverage and soak in the stellar fall ambiance. We suggest an evening in the hot tub with a fall-inspired drink in your hand. 

You can also make hot chocolate in your hotel room steps from Siesta Key Beach and admire the beach view. If you want, you can head out to LeLu’s coffeehouse for a pumpkin spice latte It is easily one of the best coffee shops on Siesta Key.

After it is all said and done, you can head back to the Siesta Key hotels, you’re your comfiest blanket, and snuggle on the couch to watch your favorite scary movie.

Fall Events

Did you know Siesta Key is haunted?

So it may not be haunted exactly, but it is definitely a little spooky and moody at night. You can capture that feeling for the fall season through many of the local community events. This includes the Hungry Ghost Festival at the tail end of August and the Mystical Bazaar in September, both fun and spooky date night ideas.

Be sure to check out a vacation stay during Halloween and stop by a haunted trail adventure at Oscar Scherer State Park. Stay for the annual pillowcase Boo Run- a family 5k with candy and costumes.

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