Haunted Places Of Sarasota and Siesta Key

Sarasota may be known for its spectacular beaches and its quaint cafes on the water, but you might find a seedy history buried beneath. Sarasota has some surprising haunts in some of the calmest and tranquil places.

While some of these haunts are quite popular visits, others are only known by a few savvy locals. Below is a quick overview of some of Sarasota’s most haunted and eerie places to see.

Is there a ghost girl wandering the famous performing arts concert hall in Sarasota?

The Manatee Performing Arts Center

This local theatre is a haven for Broadway classics and amazing regional shows. The latest season includes Cabaret, Elf, and Calendar Girls.

While you can find some splendid shows, you may also find a lost little girl apparition. Employees have reported seeing a girl running in the halls during the evenings after shows. The playhouse was built in the 1920’s, so there is plenty of rich history here to uncover. Perhaps there is still a story buried?

Coquina Beach

Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island is said to hold a few haunts. The most discussed is a man in black clothing that walks the path from the beach to the picnic area. He has even been reported during the day, though he usually just appears in prompt flashes, rarely showing for more than a few seconds.

The picnic area he can be found in is near the southernmost edge of the beach, right by the local bridge.

Florida Studio Theatre

The Manatee Center is not the only haunted performing arts hall. The Florida Studio Theatre was so historically haunted that artistic director, Richard Hopkins, requested a series of exorcisms to be performed in the 80’s.

His efforts may have been in vain. Noises and sights are still reported. Perhaps the spirits are enthusiastic former patrons or performers, still upset they never broke the bubble of Hollywood?

Pelican Alley Restaurant

Pelican Alley offers up some delightful seafood dishes in a casual atmosphere.  It is a simple restaurant, but you may get more than you bargained for. According to reports, it is common for doors to slam and objects to go flying. Ask a staff member and they are sure to know the stories. It has been tied to the restaurant’s previous owner, unhappy that he lost his business.

Braden Castle Park

Braden Castle is no more, but this hasn’t stopped spirits from looming precariously over the area. Braden Castle is now protected ruins, but the area was converted into a calm park space with 200 homes and facilities for local residents. But for years, stories have spilled out from the dilapidated buildings as they eroded over the years, including one featuring a goat of all things. You can still see the ruins from afar.

Fort De Soto State Park

The park is a top natural attraction. Visitors shell the coastline and snorkel the clear waters. Many make their way to the historic fort on site. The fort is free to attend- there isn’t all that much to see aside from a small set of stairs, a rock wall, and a spectacular open view. But this hasn’t stopped some reports. Numerous individuals have reported footsteps in the fort’s small powder room.

Make Your Plans and BOOook Today

There are many things to do in Siesta Key during the fall season at the beach. Visit some of the beachside haunts or find a few on your own. Between the trick-or-treating events, the scary haunted houses, and more Siesta Key Halloween activities, you can fill your fall adventure with everything that makes the season so enthralling.

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