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Where to Find Fishing Piers Near Siesta Key

Looking to go fishing at the Siesta Key piers? With a wide variety of fish found on Siesta Key, there are plenty of locations that you can go for some excellent fishing. This article will outline all of the excellent fishing locations for you and your family near the most popular hotels near Siesta Key.

Closest Piers

The Causeway Fishing Pier at Saporito Pier is an excellent fishing spot. The pier itself is 560 feet in length with an 80 foot “T” at the end over the waters of the Sarasota Bay, offering a prime fishing location. The pier itself is just off of the northeastern base of the Ringling Bridge. In this area, long cast and slow reel fishing are the name of the game. If you attend the pier over the weekend, you are not required to carry a fishing license. So, fish to your heart’s content! 

The Nora Patterson Bay Island Park is another wonderful pier that has plenty of both sun and shade for your fishing trip. Not only is it a great place to fish, but it’s also full of picnic tables and other outdoor facilities to keep the rest of your family entertained. It is also a short walk away from the beach, making it an excellent destination to go cool off afterward. 

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Just a Short Drive Away

Looking to drive a little further away to check out some other fishing locations? Ken Thompson Park Fishing Pier is a waterfront area that also has many recreational opportunities, including boardwalks through the mangroves and tidal marsh restoration areas. There is also boat access through a concrete boat ramp with six lanes and four docks. Other activities include hiking trails, playground fields, and a plethora of wildlife and bird watching sites.

Whitaker Gateway Park Fishing Pier is another excellent fishing pier near Siesta Key. The pier was built in 1996, and the fishing pier is 80 feet in length over the waters of Sarasota Bay. The Pier also provides a playground, various pavilions, picnicking, and tons of walking and hiking trail. The Whitaker Gateway Park Fishing Pier also has a shoreline fishing from the bulkhead. 

Phillippi Estate Fishing Piers is located on the shores of Phillippi Creek, just a short drive from your Siesta Key beach resort. Along with the fishing piers, the area is extremely scenic along with 60 acres of natural park area south of the downtown Sarasota and east of Siesta Key. The park features environmental and historic attractions, perfect for the nature lovers and history buffs. The beauty of the park and facilities can be enjoyed by residents and visitors seven days a week.

Overlook Park is an excellent place to fish, picnic, or to sit and enjoy the sunset. The property is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation and maintained by the town itself. If you are looking to enjoy Overlook Park, it is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. The park also provides parking for and access to the Quick Point Nature Preserve by the wooden walkway under the New Pass bridge. 

With all sorts of fishing piers and equipment rentals available around the Siesta Key area, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your loved ones to go fishing on vacation. Worried about entertaining the rest of your family while on vacation? Fear not! There are plenty of hiking trails, beaches, picnic areas, and swimming areas to keep the rest of your family entranced while you enjoy doing the thing that you love. When planning your next fishing getaway, be sure to keep Siesta Key, Florida, in mind for some fun for the entire family.

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