The Essential Siesta Key Resort Packing Guide For Guests

Let’s pack up for a vacation!

So if you plan to stay at our Siesta Beach resort, what do you need? How can you pack to get the most out of every item and not forget anything essential? Below we offer our comprehensive list of beach vacation tips for packing when you stay at our Siesta Key hotel at the beach.

About Siesta Key

Siesta Key is widely touted as one of the best beach escapes in the country. You are nearly always within a mile or so of a cozy beachside haven. So if there’s anything to know about Siesta Key, it is how important the sands are and how vital they are to your travels. You are likely to spend a large portion of your adventure near the beach and the water, one way or another.

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About the Weather

The weather on Siesta Key is a little finicky. What might look beautiful and sunny one minute turns sour and rainy. While the weather is a little all over the place, it isn’t common for the rainfall to hang for hours upon hours at a time. It is usually wise to remember that rain can come quickly, but it doesn’t often hang long. It’s just part of what makes Florida so special.

What To Pack

Here we are- what to pack and what you can keep back at home? We compiled a handy short list of the top 10 things we think are absolutely essential when staying at any of the Siesta Key Beach hotels.

  1. Beach blanket- you never know when you will end up on the sands
  2. Sandals- it is the standard Florida footwear
  3. Shorts- even when it rains, it is warm
  4. Extra t-shirts- bring an extra t-shirt or two
  5. Sweatshirts- it may get chilly at night
  6. Sunglasses- your eyes might feel the burn, especially if you aren’t used to the steady Florida sun
  7. Sunscreen- make sure it is reef safe!
  8. An extra phone charger- you don’t want to have to buy one of these on vacation
  9. A container with your valuables- passport, flight itinerary, license, etc
  10.  Bring cash- if you’re driving from St. Pete/Clearwater airport you’ll need it for the toll road

What If I Forget Something?

siesta key packing list

This is definitely one of the most common questions we get about Siesta Key traveling. Fortunately, Siesta Key has a pretty robust shopping culture. Siesta Key Village has most of what you would need regarding personal care and accessories, such as belts, sunglasses, watches, and more. Some items you could acquire here if space is extremely limited, so don’t stress too much if you are spending too much time pushing everything into a single carry-on. The village is within walking distance from the resort. 

You can find most of the beach essentials on the key. This includes basic attire, such as a bathing suit or top. There are at least four main shops for a bathing suit you can explore (and grab a fun souvenir too, while you are at it!).

Food is also a non-issue. You can walk to the grocery store conveniently, and it is open late for an evening run. 

You don’t need to dig around finding that one needed beach item. This is an island! You will never have to head far for a bathing suit, blanket, or some other kind of beach gear. Remember to pack up what you know you will need to avoid needlessly buying it. But if you do, that’s okay! It’s available for you. 

Overall, pack to maximize fun and make your life easier!

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